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p.m. eastern. >> the post game wrap up. >> where can people catch you next? >> almost every morning it is the british ex-pat on fox business channel. >> anne? >> i will be on "hannity" next monday night. at least if he is watching the show right now. >> probably not so much on monday night. >> hannity? monday? >> i think that is probably on right now as we are taping. >> i'm on tonight -- oops. i was on earlier. >> yes. you were on earlier and did a great job, by the way. >> way to stay up so late.
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good of you. >> joe, upcoming gigs? >> yes, i will be doing two shows in new york city this week. thursday the seventh and sunday the 10th. get tickets at caroline' please come out. back to you. >> thanks, andy. what is wrong with the tie? i have never seen you look like that before. i find it weird. >> this is my look. i like looking this way. perfec. >> bill: so now some american companies are grossing us out at the super bowl. why? what is going on in the advertising industry? >> bill: i will analyze a disturbing trend with juan
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williams, mary katharineham and adam carolla. >> chicago is becoming a place where we are becoming comfortable with debt. i don't want to become comfortable with debt. >> body count chicago cannot we will have the latest on this awful story. major contributor out of florida. i have confidence he did nothing wrong. >> bill: how will the media cover a possible major scandal surrounding senator robert menendez and other democrats? bernie goldberg will weigh in. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the united states of commercialism. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. a bunch of us at the factor went down to new orleans over
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the weekend. didn't stay for the game for a variety of reasons mostly time constraints but did i have a good look around. new orleans has come back big time from katrina. once again a great american destination. we also went out to the bayou and talked to the folks. i will tell you about that at the end of the broadcast. but what was mostly on display in louisiana was super bowl commercialism. it was huge. companies like espn and direct tv spent millions of dollars on social events and marketing. and then there were the super bowl commercials, $3.8 million for 30 second spot. 3.8 million. and those commercials tell us a lot about america. talking points would like to analyze two good ones and two bad ones. my favorite was a paul harvey voiceover that celebrated traditional america. >> god looked down on his planned paradise and said i need a caretaker. so god made a farmer. god said i need somebody strong enough to clear trees and heave bales yet gentle
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enough to wean lambs and pigs and stop his mower for an hour to splint the broken leg of a arc so god made a farmer. >> bill: that was an ad for dodge ram trucks. i also liked the wizard of oz spot ♪ ♪ [. [ laughter ] >> bill: no social redeeming quality for that ad but it did get people's attention. the movie should be a big hit. on the downside, there were plenty of candidates but this was the worst. >> there are two sides to go daddy there is the sexy side represented by bar are a and smart side that creates a killer web site for your small business represented by walter. together, they're perfect.
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>> bill: that ad is for go hard to watch, no message. purely voyeurism. good looking girl and walter. dumb, unnecessary and offensive to many. also foolish the taco bell ad that mocked senior citizens. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bill: some people thought that ad was hilarious, brilliant, just terrific. here is why they are wrong. sends a message that elderly people are clowns, that they are desperate. they are frivolous.
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got a lot of problems with senior citizens in this country. we're not japan where older people are respected and reveered. here in the u.s.a., many think elderly folks are a nuisance. if you ever visit a publicly run nursing home, it will break your heart. taco bell's ad turned my stomach. we need to care for our elderly not demean them. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction joining from us washington mary katharineham and juan williams. now, do a little different tonight. you guys can ask me questions about my trip down to louisiana or the talking points. you got a beef on the taco bell thing, juan? >> i see you got taco bell running for the border there. you know, i think it was not demeaning. i thought that was evidence of life in old bones and people having great fun. >> bill: let me stop you. life, old bones. okay. drug use implied. all right? other immature acts that younger americans maybe 16,
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17, they are getting a hoot out of it big tattoo the guy gets on his back. this is what you think reflects senior citizenhood in america, juan? >> no. i didn't think -- i didn't think it reflected all life of seniors. i think the idea that seniors have some sexuality about them. that they are not simply, you know, people who are to be stockpiled, ignored or demeaned i think is a good thing. >> bill: couldn't it have been done in a classy way. have to portray them as clowns? >> no. not necessary necessary. i didn't think they were clownish i thought they were having fun. i'm sensitive to what your perspective is i really thought it was evidence of someone who is shortly going to be among them. i thought. >> okay. so before they die, let's let them do a little cocaine. >> how -- you think i'm wrong on that taco bell thing there? >> you know how i hate to agree with juan. i did think it was goofy and exaggerated. good natured. i didn't think it was
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demeaning. who are america's favorite elderly people joan rivers and betty white who are pretty crass. >> bill: that's a very interesting observation. so this was betty white on steroids in here, okay? >> it's supposed to be exaggeration. >> bill: i respect ms. white's spunk and i think she is a very talented actress. the vulgar senior citizen that she displays. i got some problems with that mary katharine. >> can i understand some problems with it. it displays a sort of agency that elderly people have that they are not under somebody's thumb. especially at this particular nursing home. if you check the std rates, you might find actually it's maybe accurate. you hear about that all the time. >> bill: let me be very clear why you two are desperately wrong. i see most senior citizens in this country, most, as enterers of -- bearers of wisdom. as people who can teach us the traditional values that made
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this country strong. i don't see them as drug-sniffing, unprotected sex-getting, tattoo-bearing, l awmplet ts? ilauts. >> i think there is an element of making fun of young people. goofy stuff is -- >> bill: making fun of elderly people is fine if it is done in perspective. but this is like look at these people. look at them. i'm never going to buy another -- >> it's reality show. i get your point. remember, bill, the way they usually portray the elderly is oh, you need this drug or art right, viagra, the whole thing. >> bill: mocking the elderly, anybody over 50 is a waste of time, that's the message. >> i think the farmer ad actually does the opposite. you have got a balance. >> bill: farmer ad was totally different. that is about what builds character. >> that's what works better. >> bill: this was no character. this never would have run in
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japan ever. if taco bell has little -- they won't thrun over there. the jarpz wouldn't put up with it. >> good hearted ads like the farmer ad and like the clydesdale ad which i enjoyed i think those actually end up winning you more hearts and minds. >> bill: i don't care it will get anybody to buy taco bell stuff. you had that beef with something? >> i don't have a beef. turn the show around. you said you went down to new orleans. the first thing is, you watched the game on tv because you saw the ads so what did you think of the lights going out? i know you are famously impatient and high energy. i can't imagine what you were doing 35 minutes. >> bill: it changed the game. no doubt about it. when i first saw the lights got out i thought it was man made because the lights didn't go out in the rest of the city. somebody is messing around with the lights in the stadium. the fbi says it wasn't any vandalism. i guess they are still investigating. i don't know. it wasn't good. i mean, none of that is good. but it's life. now mary katharine. >> wait wait wait, i was going
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to ask you a question. >> bill: let mary katharine jump? >> okay. >> well, i will ask you this. if you are in new orleans for an entire weekend what's your favorite haunt? >> i went to the ninth. that was flooded. 10 feet of water. talked to the folks there went down to the bayou. i wasn't rushing around bourbon street putting beads on. do you know what i'm talking about? >> in the bayou i think they require that you have a drink every now and then. >> bill: last question, juan, go. >> i have got two quick ones. >> bill: yeah. >> everybody is thrilled to meet no doubt who did bill o'reilly meet that he remembers? >> john harbaugh. >> the coach of the ravens? >> john harbaugh is smart, he is right to the point. said he was going to win, told me why. i believed him. before i talked to him i thought the 49ers were going to win. >> wow, that's pretty i didn't mean progressive. you think the city has turned around. i think nice people.
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but i was surprised that you loved it. tell me why you loved it. >> bill: i have been down to new orleans a lot. the city, the commercial part of the city has turned around. still the highest murder rate in the country. still has big big problems in that area. but for an american destination, you want a unique part of this country, go down to that area. i have got to run, mary katharine and juan, thank you. good segment. next on the run down, no question president obama is is bolder now than he has ever been in setting up left wing agenda. good reason for that brit hume with analysis moments away.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, president obama moving left if can you believe it. the national journal, which covers politics online, done an analysis of why president obama does not need support traditional americans any longer i told that you on election night. as you may know the president
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won the popular vote by about 5 million and electoral vote by 126. but the race was close up until the very last weekend when governor romney inexplicably disappeared. the truth is romney could have defeated president obama but he needed to wage aggressive campaign but he didn't. the national journal has concluded that president obama has given up, given up trying to persuade culturally conservative white americans to his cause. the journal is saying the president believes a coalition he he has assembled. minorities, women, young voters and hard core liberals is, quote and will allow democrats to dominate the next generation of elections. joining us from boca row tan florida, brit hume. journal have it right? >> in part, yeah. if you draw a straight line a projection forward from the 2012 election day, into the future, you get the result that the analysis in the national journal is talking about. politics rarely moves in a straight line. and, in my judgment, it will not be easy to replicate in
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presidential years ahead let alone in congressional elections. the coalition and a the turnout that barack obama had which carried him to victory last november. >> bill: so you believe that president obama, if the national journal reportage is true and accurate, is making a mistake thinking that that is he putting together a coalition that's going tone during for generations to come? >> well, look. it is true that they have sort of forgotten about a segment of the electorate. that portion of the white vote that you were talking about that used to be largely democratic and increasingly been less. so and the president does appear in his second term activities to be writing that segment of the electorate off. that's a mistake even though that segment of the electorate, the white vote generally is a smaller and smaller percentage of the vote. it is still overwhelmingly the largest single segment of the vote and will be for some time to come. it is also true as the national journal suggests that
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hispanics and the other ethnic groups are growing and will continue to so that trajectory obviously favors the kind of coalition the president put together. let's remember, this bill. that this president had a declining portion of the electorate from 2008 to 2012. and it required what i think was by far the greatest voter mobilization effort ever done by any party anywhere for him to win. now, that's a good thing. it shows the democrats have got the technology and the organizational skills down to do that. but that can be matched in time by another party. the democrats to some extent were going to school on what the republicans were doing to them in 2004 when we had a close elections and it was won by massive turnout operation bias karl rove and the republican national committee that turned out voters at the democrats in places like ohio didn't even know were there. so, you know, and with barack obama at the evidence the ticket, they were able to do that this time around. with him not there anymore, it
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will depend a lot on who the candidate is as to whether they're able to replicate anything like that strong. >> bill: this influences everybody's lives, all our lives if the president is indeed taking on a more arrogant posture in the sense that he is going to move as far as left as he wants to move because he says why not? i'm not going to get these people anyway. we don't need them anymore. california going to be mostly hispanic. hispanics will be in the majority. birth rate among white americans very low whereas hispanic americans much higher. we don't need those people. i'm not even going to represent them. i don't care about them. i'm going to create a nanny state and entitlement society and go right to my base. give them what they want and everybody else can go you know what. >> well, it's certainly the case with regard to the hispanic vote that mitt romney did worse among hispanics nanny of his immediate predecessors had done and that is a growing sector of the electorate. that's not a segment of the electorate not totally available to the right republic candidate which is
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one of the reasons why you hear all this talk about marco rubio. >> bill: let's get back to president obama. if this, indeed, is his mind set that his coalition is the end quote the asen deansy, is he going to govern in a different way. that is going to be very confrontational. i'm going to do what you want and i don't care what you think. >> he did that for two years, remember and we had the 2010 midterm was the worst defeat of incumbent party in the congress that we had at least in the house of representatives as we had had for a very long time indeed it was a massive turnout against him. now, next thing we have up, bill, is another midterm. >> bill: fascinating. >> that will be interesting to see. and i think the hope among democrats is that they can crank up that turnout machine and hold off i have some doubt as to whether they can do that and the republicans are going to be going to school on what they did. i also think that you think of the energy that went into the
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2010 election. that was grass roots energy. those problems that those people in 2010 were concerned about have not gotten better. i think that segment of the electorate fired up for the right republic tremendous boost to the republicans. and president going left will turn out to have been a mistake. >> bill: brit hume, everybody. terrible story out oof texas. the author of the book american sniper gunned down himself. bernie goldberg on how the media will cover the robert menendez scandal which could effect the entire democratic party. that report after these messages.
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, murder in chicago.
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as you may have heard 15-year-old pendleton shot to death last week while standing in a park near her school. she was an honor student completely innocent of any wrong doing, just gunned down. saturday was a demonstration against gun violence in chicago. few attend ited. despite the fact that over the past two years, not counting the first month of this year, more than 800 people have been murdered by gunfire in the windy city. norman livingston kerr community activists and matt mcgill radio talk show host. i'm surprised more people didn't come out for that march. >> you know, it didn't surprise me that much, bill. number one the weather was bad, elm extremely cold there were other rallies going on around town. there was a big emotional meeting going on that morning regarding conceal and carry which illinois is the only state in the nation that doesn't have a conceal and carry law there were other things for people to do and bad weather played in it as well. it was important to do it because what reverend jackson was trying to do is get the
1:26 am
media out there. once you get the media out there then the politicians are paying attention as well. >> maybe. we understand that gun violence is driven by drug gangs essentially there was a central drug that went away and now it's a bunch of drug gangs fighting for turf. is that what is really happening there? >> you definitely have the smaller clicks as they call them you don't have the bigger structure. there is a lot fighting amongst smaller groups. groups broken down into infighting at this point. there is a lot of competition for different resources a lot of the conflicts are intrapersonal conflicts. not necessarily about drugs but just about, you know, simple disrespect we have access to guns so that escalates. >> bill: you have very tough gun laws, mr. mcgill, it doesn't seem to inhibit these gangsters from getting any firearm they want and using them with impunity. >> yeah, you know, bill, one
1:27 am
of the problems is that, you know, for years, i thought the the daley administration allowed for crime to happen in the african-american community and criminals got comfortable with that as long as it didn't go downtown. as long as it didn't bleed over into the north side of chicago, chicago was fine. it was a tale of two cities. you went to the south or west sides of chicago, you had high crime. had you high murder rates. and as mr. kerr said it's not necessarily gang-related. some of it is intrapersonal disputes. the criminals are in a comfort zone, carrying weapons around we need to change that mary manual has walked into the situation that 20 years before he had gone here now he has got to try to figure out a way to come down. >> reason why it's worse. you don't have stop and risk in chicago. >> i'm for that. >> bill: drove down all gun crime in new york city where the police they see somebody suspicious, they stop and they
1:28 am
risk them and they find the guns. it's challenged now by the aclu but that's an effective crime fighting tool. you don't flood the zone, mr. kerr. you are a community activist and on the street. you don't see big squad drons of chicago cops coming down to your neighborhood to basically be a presence on the street. so immanuel has done jack. he has not done anything. he is a big mouth but he doesn't do anything. that's the fact. am i wrong? >> if you look over the past 20 years as far as homicides in chicago there has been significant decreases. i mean in the early 1990s, close to a thousand homicides a year. and in the more recent years we have been in the low 400s. with the exception of last year we had an uptick but we have seen significant reductions in homicides. >> bill: compared to every other city like new york and washington. the homicide rate is. higher where the population is much lower in chicago than it is here in new york city. about did you know, mr. kerr, that more shooting deaths occurred in chicago than among coalition forces in
1:29 am
afghanistan in 2012? did you know that? >> i am aware of that. >> bill: that's a disgrace. that's just a disgrace. >> it is a disgrace. i'm with you. there is a loft things that can attribute to that i mean, you talk about gun laws in chicago. there are gun laws, but the suburbs. >> bill: that's every city though. all the thugs here in new york can go down to virginia and get the gun as and truck them on back. every city has got that problem. chicago has not come to grips with it they won't take the tough measures to control it as mr. mcgill said certain neighborhoods. am i right? if you flood the zone in the south side of chicago where all of these murders, most of them are taking place with cops on the street all over the place, you are going to cut it down. mr. mcgill and i will give you the last word, mr. kerr. >> bill, i think you will cut it down. there is no question about that. i'm for stop and frisk. we need to interrupt the comfort zone that criminals are in. you will see more cops on the street.
1:30 am
the mayor last week announced that they're putting more cops on the street. but at the same time, you know, we have got to correct what's going on in the african-american community. we have got to break down the family unit. we're not parenting our kids right. and they don't have conflict resolution skills. and when you bring all of that together, plus what crack has done to this community. we're starting to seat results of crack babies in chicago without having conflict resolution skills, this is kind of brought this perfect storm together and why we see the type of crimes that we see in chicago. >> bill: mr. kerr, last word, 20 seconds, go. >> last words we need more positive role models that are going to support our kids. we need to address the mental health issue. we have several young people are, you know, our guys at risk and high risk have issues of trauma that haven't been addressed. and until we face it and put more funding in mental health, we are going to see this continue. >> bill: thanks, gentlemen. the american sniper chris kyle murdered himself in texas. we'll have the inside story. then, bernie goldberg on
1:31 am
senator robert menendez and a possible scandal that could damage the democratic party. we hope you stay tuned to those r r r r r@@
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, one of the most successful military snipers in history chief petty officer chris kyle murdered on saturday in texas. he is the author of the big best selling book "american sniper" killed by a veteran who apparently he was trying to help. about a year ago i talked with mr. kyle. >> bill: do you ever
1:35 am
now,looking back, have any regrets at all about anything that you did? >> yes, i do. it's the people i couldn't save. >> bill: the americans you couldn't save were the allied forces. >> the americans, local iraqis, anyone who i witnessed violence coming down on them and i could not save them. >> bill: that's your regret? >> yes, sir. >> bill: you don't have post-traumatic stress or anything like that or, you know, that you killed so many human beings? that doesn't come back at you? >> none of my problems come from the people i have killed. >> bill: with us now, scott mccune who co-wrote "american sniper" with chris kyle. that's your friend first of all. leaves young wife and two children 7 and 9. off the chart awful. let's walk through the crime. from what i understand, chris is is trying to help this guy who has been accused of the crime. he was a vet with some kind of post that in the particular stress is that what you understand. >> that's what's been
1:36 am
reported. i have no independent intel beyond anything what the press has said relative to the individual that's been now charged with the murder. we know that he was or they reported that he was a exmarine that he was suffering from some type of post-traumatic stress disorder and that chris was working with him in trying to help him with this. >> bill: you do know about chris setting up a foundation to help guys coming back, right? >> certainly. >> bill: tell me what that was all about. >> chris worked with others in setting up a foundation with fitco. it basically provided different type of workout equipment, things of that nature to help guys that were suffering from various levels of disability, lost limbs, ptsd, whatever to get these guys back into shape. chris was always the type of person that believed if you kept your body in shape had tepid keep your mind in shape. hence he believed this was helping the guys and i believe it was too. >> bill: there was another individual killed with chris. he allegedly murdered two
1:37 am
people, right? >> that's the information that i have is that his neighbor was also killed at the scene at the range. >> bill: now, this is, you know, everybody sees kyle as a war hero because he has got a silver star and i mean he has got all kinds of stuff. so, it just takes you by surprise that this kind of random stuff but they were at a shooting range. they had weapons. and they were, you know, and this was, i understand part of this therapy. some the therapy that was going through that they would take veterans who were troubled out to an enjoyable occupation and just try to get their mind off whatever was bothering them. >> that's the reports that i have. >> bill: did you know that he was doing that though? did you discuss those things? >> i was aware that chris was working with veterans at several levels. either shooting, he would go to camps where they would go hunting, where they would take veterans out that were at various levels of disability. he would take them out to. >> bill: from what we're putting together, chris is
1:38 am
doing something very good. a charitable thing. >> certainly. >> bill: you know, therapy that, you know, look, we were in the same boat here. we understand. let's go out camping, let's go out and do this. let's go out to the shooting range and get you away from your problems. and this is what happened to him i think that's the scenario that's coming down. >> that appears to be the case. i have no independent information to otherwise dispute that. it appears to be the case and from what i have heard. >> >> bill: when is the last time you talked to chris. >> last time i talked to chris was last week. >> bill: what did you talk about. >> we were discussing various things that were going on, you know. in his life and the things he has been working on. the different foundations is he working on. he is a busy man doing a lot of charitable work. doing great work with the people that are out there. >> bill: good guy? good guy across the board? >> excellent man. excellent father. >> big loss to the country and our prayers go out to him and to his family. and two little kids. thanks very much again why are sorry for your loss.
1:39 am
when we come right back the senator then then did he see scandal that could effect the democratic party. the super bowl commercials the good, the bad and the ugly. we're coming right back.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight as we reported last week, senator robert menendez of new jersey now the head of the powerful senate foreign relations committee.
1:43 am
under investigation for links to a florida doctor who may have committed fraud. senator menendez flew on dr. soleman's jet at least twice did. not reimburse apparently violating senate rules. when the story broke did he write a check for more than $50,000. that was long after he took the flights. far worse than that are allegations that and you aged constitutes may have been connected i should say with menendez and the doctor in the dominican republic. senator menendez vehemently denies that the democrats are on the defensive. >> there is some. >> serious allegations here. are you confident he did nothing wrong? >> oh, i have confidence he did nothing wrong but that's what investigations are all about. >> but you are fine with him serving while the investigation -- >> -- oh, sure. he, he, he has been and will be a great member of that committee. >> bill: joining us now from miami the purveyor of berne in order mr. goldberg. >> do you think the mainstream media will aggressively cover this story? remember, it's not just about menendez.
1:44 am
but this doctor, he gave his house to bill and hillary clinton. huge donations to the democratic party. lots of influence within that party. a lot of money to menendez himself. how do you think this is going to come down? >> let me tell you what we already do know the three major broadcast networks cbs, nbc, on flag ship broadcast friday to monday evening newscast have not covered this story at all. evening niewfs nbc, cbs weekday edition haven't covered it at all. so when conservatives say sure, if this were -- if a liberalere a conservative democrat you would show a lot more interest, i think they are probably on to something. here is where it gets tricky, bill. if i were in charge of one of the networks, and i got a tip that menendez was involved with adult prostitutes in the dominican republic where prostitution is legal, i would
1:45 am
not cover the story. no interest whatsoever. unless a politician is spouting from the bible and telling us how much family values means to him, it's not of no interest to me. here is where it gets even trickier. if i got a tip from a shady source and it was backed up, i put that in quotation marks by two prostitutes in the dominican republic, that he was involved with underaged girls, i wouldn't cover that either. i know nothing about these sources and i'm not going to go on the air or in print with such an explosive allegation unless i know who the sources are around if i know that they are telling the truth for sure. and i know nothing with them. where this story becomes legitimate and here is where you picked it up on the factor last week, is when the fbi gets involved in the investigation. then it becomes a legitimate story and the three networks on their evening newscast monday through friday haven't
1:46 am
covered that aspect either. >> bill: that's interesting, because you said it exactly right. we got the story earlier last week. and we didn't do it. because of exactly what you said. you can't be throwing out all this will hivous crap which the media does all day long now. the internet does it. the tab employed shows do it. without some kind of backup that's legitimate backup that you can hold accountable. two anonymous prostitutes in the dominican republic, they could be anybody and, you know, you can't do that. once the fbi gets involved and once he writes the check. menendez writes the check, all right, that he acknowledges he didn't tell anybody about the plane trips, which you can't do, all right? so he should be saxed by the senate for that the fbi is carting things out. then you see that this doctor, what a sleazeo. -- id this guy is. has liens against him.
1:47 am
throwing money all over the place. didn't pay his taxes. he is here, is he there you have got to cover, the networks decline. any excuse for them declining? >> i hate to do this because i don't think this is the reason. but to put the best face on it, they are uneasy with the sex part because of the same reason that -- >> bill: just cover the fraud part. >> they should cover that. i totally agree. it's a legitimate news story when a good friend of the united states senator is under fbi investigation, for what he allegedly or i take that back, for what he may have done on his own, but he didn't just do stuff on his own. they flew down in the same private jet to the dominican republic. >> bill: they are pals. >> that becomes a legitimate story. and the fact that the networks haven't covered that tells me that they are not going to make too big of deal out of this under any circumstances. >> bill: they may have to
1:48 am
though. it is a federal crime for any american to go anywhere and have sex with underaged people and we're going to get into that tomorrow. we're going to define that. >> if he is charged with that crime. of course they will cover that. but they are not going to be rushing to cover anything that they don't have to cover. >> all right, bernie, thanks very much. we appreciate it carolla is on deck. he has the selections of the best and worst super bowl commercials. that moments away. >> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald, but there is hope. >> getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened to me. >> i'm happy with the way i look now. >> i'm very excited about my hair. >> i feel beautiful. >> i love my hair. >> announcer: hair club offers all-proven hair loss solutions backed by our commitment to satisfaction guaranteed. if you're not 100% satisfied with the solution you choose, hair club will apply the purchase price to another proven hair loss solution or transplant more hair at no charge. >> and that was the best thing i've ever done. >> it looks good on me. >> announcer: call in the next five minutes to get your free
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>> back of the book segment tonight. rolling with carolla. let's bring in our pal adam who is in los angeles this evening. okay. so, we asked to you pick out your best and worst super bowl commercials see if they link up with mine. here's carolla's best. go. >> did you play football? >> did i play football?
1:52 am
please. >> any question left is who will be the next rookie sensation. it's anybodiens guest. >> name? >> leon sand castle. >> grab on nfl network. >> bill: all right. why did you like that one? >> i love dion sanders. i love the commercial. i just thought it was funny. i feel bad for vin diesel who the guy runs a 4240 and has couple super bowl rings with a better actor than he is. and bill, stop yelling into my ear piece, i am so hung over from yesterday. >> bill: yeah? you had a lot of sprites when you were watching the game. >> i had a couple glasses of mangria. i am ill. i may vomit live on this show. >> bill: try to hold it until
1:53 am
kimmel comes on. you can do that with him. you have that kind of relationship. >> bill: this was a commercial for the nfl network. former all pro-making a come back wears the wig and carolla thought it was great. here is one carolla did not like. go. ♪ ♪ >> bill: the good, the bad, the ugly, they all try to run. try to get the coke in the desert. arab doesn't get there all mad about that. you didn't like it either? >> boring, confusing, the show girl gets it. the extra from mad max doesn't get it i don't even get why
1:54 am
coke advertises. someone ever sitting and watching a coke commercial and go what's that thing in the red can that's all carbonated? coke? coca cola? i have never heard of that save your money and buy a fleet of trucks. come up with something interesting. >> bill: that commercial, that cost them 7,600,000 to run that minute spot. i think they ran a couple others adjacent to it. i agree with you. why waste the money. coke is making so. money. i don't know what that was. >> either confuse and bore america or open another bottling factory or plant in atlanta for the same price. i don't get it. >> bill: give it to charity. you know, it was a waste of time. i agree. you wrote a book not taco bell material because they wouldn't hire you when you went in i think two months ago for a job. >> six months, bill. thank you. but go ahead. >> bill: they ran about the old people having unprotected
1:55 am
sex and taking drugs and getting tattoos which i thought was ridiculous and demeaning and you say? >> well, first off you eat enough taco bell you are not going to seat your 85th birthday. [ laughter ] >> i don't know if they are senior citizens eating a lot of taco bell. >> the target audience if they cooperate with your product, doesn't actually reach that level. >> yeah. plus a lot of those taco shells are tough on the dentures. so i don't know if the old people eat a lot of that. >> bill: did you see it the way i see it though? they were mocking old people there? weren't they mocking them? >> they are the new thing to have fun with. five years ago it was penguins. everything was penguins. now it's old people. yeah, they mock them. oh, it's funny, they have the music playing and they are doing a bunch of things that kids would do. this is super funny. and, look, it gets some old actors a paycheck and they can leave it to their grand kids.
1:56 am
>> bill: all right. there you go. adam carolla, here are the results from my bill o' poll question we asked you about my interview with general colin powell. more than 25,000 of you voted. 0% say the chat was too soft. 68% though say it was a fair exposition. just 2% say it was too tough. factor tip of the day in a movement we will take you down to the bayou. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:57 am
>>. >> bill: back for tip on the bay o'reilly on the bayou. thousands of you are on the best deal we've seen in quite some time. buy any of more books, you get replicas of the declaration and independence. how good is this? "killing lincoln", amazon best-seller list for more than 500 days, wow. thank you all.
1:58 am
now to mail. mary, hong kong. >> bill: i think any allegation by a person who trafficks in body selling must be corroborated. max, indiana. >> bill: only after legal proceedings, max. if you want to be fair, you have to see the evidence challenged. >> bill: we have been fair in assessing this case and we will continue to be.
1:59 am

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